Hot Stuff – Adobe Part ???

I’ve lost track of what “round” this is…  But Daring Fireball pointed this out…

Hot Stuff Ross Miller for Engadget on the Flash-enabled Android 2.2 browser:

Battery and heat are also of concern: the pre-release beta we have, according to Adobe, lacks hardware acceleration. Ergo, our beloved handset got piping hot after about 30 minutes of heavy video watching, and the battery indicator in the upper right had a sizable dent.

I’m sure an update that runs fast and cool is right around the corner.

Right.  Adobe is claiming that Flash is fine for mobiles.  Everyone is ignoring the 3 different mobile systems that have been recently cancelled…  And the only model that has flash available is software driven, not hardware accelerated….

Why does one word……  PAIN.  Come to mind?

Yes, the iPad is not perfect..  I wish it had multiple users, so that my 5 year old daughter can’t email my boss….  But other than that, it’s worked fine for work, if anything fantastically for work, and fantastic for home…

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