Spotlight hogging your processor? MDS running Amok?

Having trouble with your system Bogging down? Take a look in the Activity Monitor and check the CPU load for MDS and/or MDWORKER. Are they consuming a large portion of your CPU? If so, here’s some hints on how to debug this situation…. If you use this unix command sudo fs_usage -w -f filesys mdworker […]

Slow Spotlight searches?

Are you having an issue with Spotlight searches taking an extremely long time for any results to appear? Do you see anything similar in your console log? Nov 7 11:52:01 Mac-Pro-2009 [0x0-0x25025][374]: ================= Nov 7 11:52:01 Mac-Pro-2009 [0x0-0x25025][374]: ERROR: SKIndexTermChars pref returned nil string – using default Nov 7 11:52:01 Mac-Pro-2009 [0x0-0x25025][374]: (/SourceCache/Preview/Preview-504.1/Sources/PVSearchKitUtils.m:161 PVCleanSKQuery) Nov […]

Create good queries in Spotlight | Software | Macworld

This older article from Macworld (April 3, 2008) discusses Spotlight searching for Tiger (Mac OS 10.4), but it is still relevant now for Leopard (10.5). The major benefit in 10.5’s spotlight is the speed improvements, and some changes in the search results window(s)…. On the surface, searching with Spotlight is pretty straightforward. In our previous […]