What just turned 10… Mac OS 10! Here’s my list of best features introduced in MOSX.

Well, Mac OS X has turned 10…  Let’s take a look back at my list of best features that Mac OS X has introduced…

  • Time Machine – Quite simply, this has brought backups to virtually everyone that wants it.  While Retrospect, and other applications have their followers, Apple introduced a simple system that just by connecting another drive, your backup concerns are virtually eliminated.  While not perfect, it is a major step forward and raises the bar on the commercial backup market.
  • Native PDF support – All versions of Mac OS X have offered native PDF creation, reading, editing, and modification support.  From any print dialog you can create a PDF file, really.  Most people don’t understand that Acrobat Pro is only really needed for modifying forms, and other niche PDF features.
  • Spotlight – It’s like having Google Desktop (TM) on your computer, searching your own system, and the other networked macs in your home lan.
  • Boot Camp – The ability to run any Windows application or game you want, as long as you bring your own copy of Windows.
  • Unix Support – The ability to use virtually any Unix based application, as well as the built-in File Sharing (Simba), and Web server (Apache), give us control and features that were undreamed of in the Mac OS 9 days.
  • Quick Look – The ability to hit a key or a mouse button, and have the document opened immediately in the Quick Look browser…


Items to look forward to:

  • OpenCL & Grand Central – Simplify multiple threaded applications, and simplify the use of multiple CPU cores, which have the potential to help optimize the performance of every CPU core you have in your system….