Anatomy of a Wikipedia HOAX….

A couple months ago, I introduced you to the Wikipedia article (now yanked) on Orange Julius namesake Julius Freed, which is full of all kinds of crazy trivia, like the fact that he invented a shower stall for pigeons. I was mostly interested in the article because (a) it had sat unchanged on Wikipedia for five years, and (b) it all seemed transparently phony to the trained eye.

I got two things wrong in the original piece: first, I said that only a mental_flossblogger had been fooled by the post. I totally missed the funniest development in this story: Dairy Queen, which now owns Orange Julius, inadvertently used the hoax material as the basis for a 2007 ad campaign! The ad firm space150 createda viral video on Julius Freed’s life, using all the amazing-but-true facts from the Wikipedia article.

Read the Full article at Ken Jennings – Blog.

(Yes, it’s that Ken Jennings, yes…  For those 4 of your that don’t know, the 74 time winner on Jeopardy!)