Savage Worlds – Test Drive v6

Savage World’s is a semi-generic Role Playing system, but similar to D&D and many other games, they release “Savage Settings” which are settings designed to be used with Savage Worlds….  For example:

  • SlipStream – Pulp era, Sci-Fi
  • Wizards & Warriors – D&D style epic fantasy
  • DeadLands Reloaded – Horror / Western
  • The Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane – Solomon Kane
  • Pirates of the Spanish Main – Pirates!

The system is designed to be “Fun! Fast! and Furious!”, and is some what rules lite.  It’s not as number crunchy as some systems, and character creation can be extremely fast…

Give it a try, here’s a link to the Test Drive edition, which is only 16 pages…  But it contains enough to create your own characters, and actually play the game.  It’s a lite version of the explorer’s edition of the system.  The Explorer’s edition is the core book, and is only $10 last time I checked…