Doctor Who – A Good Man Goes to War

Here’s a quick mini, no spoilers, review… Steven Moffat had said that we were going to be getting some answers this year… And he’s come through. I won’t be going into any details, until our next Viewing Next (5/12/2011), but we learn the answers to some of River Song’s mysteries. We learn more about the […]

Engadget reviews the Dell XPS 15z

For about $200 less, you can get a fast machine, but with a cheap case and little battery life. We’d mentioned that Dell’s previous attempts at premium systems failed price, power and battery life tests. With the XPS 15z, well… two out of three ain’t bad. Despite the fact that the NVIDIA Optimus GPU turns […]

BlackBerry PlayBook’s Poor First Impression

Clayton Morris, from the Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe podcast, and FoxNews, reviews the BlackBerry Playbook… Over the last week or so, several reviews have surfaced on the Playbook, and most of them seem to be negative… What frustrates me the most is that the user experience doesn’t match the hardware. The PlayBook boasts a nice […]

Worst gadget ever? Ars reviews a $99 Android tablet

It really says something when some of your customers ask the Internet whether they got the right thing when they received your product, or whether it got switched out with some joke Chinese knockoff that’s not really supposed to work. The Maylong M-150 TabletPC is an Android-based device sold by Walgreens for a mere $99 […]

Review: Out of the Dark by David Weber

Out of the Dark is a tough book to write a review for, especially if your not trying to give out spoilers… I seriously think that Alien invasion books were perfected by John Ringo, but it seems like David Weber wanted to touch this genre.  Out of the Dark is a good book, definitely a […]

Savage Worlds – Test Drive v6

Savage World’s is a semi-generic Role Playing system, but similar to D&D and many other games, they release “Savage Settings” which are settings designed to be used with Savage Worlds….  For example: SlipStream – Pulp era, Sci-Fi Wizards & Warriors – D&D style epic fantasy DeadLands Reloaded – Horror / Western The Savage Worlds of […]

Microsoft Office 2011 & Exchange limitations…

Well, this doesn’t seem to be very clear on the Microsoft site(s) that I have looked at… But, Office 2011 only supports Exchange 2007 or higher. So if you run Exchange 2003, the only way you’ll be able to connect to the Exchange server is through IMAP, which will eliminate your ability to use your […]