Using Video Surveillance to Catch the Neighbors –

The NY Times is covering the use of Video Surveillance to defend your property.  The same technology is often also being used in home automation systems as a way to monitor your property….

STEVE MILLER is justifiably proud of the manicured grounds around his stately stucco home in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. So he was nonplussed last year when he discovered that someone had been tossing plastic bags of dog excrement into the sculptured shrubs around a palm tree in his front yard.

“It was a pile of at least 10 bags,” said Mr. Miller, 55, who owned a dance costume business in Bristol, Pa., before retiring to Florida in 2005. “I had my suspicions, but wanted to find out for sure which one of my neighbors was doing it.”

via Using Video Surveillance to Catch the Neighbors.