Doctor Who – A Good Man Goes to War

Here’s a quick mini, no spoilers, review…

Steven Moffat had said that we were going to be getting some answers this year… And he’s come through.

I won’t be going into any details, until our next Viewing Next (5/12/2011), but we learn the answers to some of River Song’s mysteries. We learn more about the baby, and that Rory has a reputation now…

Overall, my only complaints were the spitfires in space. True, the were only there for 10-15 seconds, but I didn’t like them the first time. Why would I like them the second time around…

Overall, out of 10, I give this episode an 8….

I don’t believe this episode is a “game-changer”, at least, I would have to see the second part of the season before I can make this decision.

But, we may see The Doctor trying some different tactics in the future. As we kept mentioning during Torchwood. For an highly secretive and unknown agency, Torchwood is quite well-known.

Torchwood 2-01 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

EXT NIGHT Cardiff streets, for once from the ground
(Starts with the cute sequence with the old lady, the crossing lights, and the fish.)
(SUV pulls up)
GWEN: Scuse me, have you seen a blowfish, driving a sports car?
(Old lady points)
GWEN: Thank you!
(SUV drives off)
OLD LADY: Bloody Torchwood!

The Classic Doctor, used to be very secretive and either disappeared quietly into the night, or asked for no one to acknowledge he was there…

I think that this episode might be a attempt to direct the Doctor back to this “Quiet Hero”, of old. But only time will tell.