DIY: Re-Key Your Locks with Kwikset SmartKey – Danny Lipford

Or don’t buy something more reliable? KwikSet has a line of locks called “Smart Key” locks, that allow you to retool the cyclinder with a included keytool.  It works well, and I haven’t had a problem with it…. Until yesterday when my wife reported that “we were having a problem with locking the door…”. I […]

DC Adventures, play report #1

Overall, a successful migration from Mutants & Masterminds v2, to DC Adventures.  Many of the players decided to switch their character concepts, so it took slightly longer than expected to retool their characters to DCA, for 6 players, it was roughly 2 hours to completely redesign or migrate their characters (Roughly 20-25 minutes per player). […]

M. Night Shyamalan Finally Made A Comedy [Movie Review]

You giggled at The Happening. You snorted at The Village. But now, for the first time ever, former indie auteur M. Night Shyamalan has set out to make a gonzo comedy on purpose, with The Last Airbender. Spoilers ahead! IO9 is trashing The Last Airbender movie…  If it’s half as bad as IO9 states, then […]

First Glance @ 5×12 & 5×13 (Pandorica Opens & The Big Bang)

Well, Mr. Moffat did it. Unlike past series, this didn’t seem to be an Deus Ex Machina, Deus Ex Screwdriver, or Deus Ex Tardis… This season finale answers the majority of our questions, but leaves several minor but large questions as a tease for the next series… Mainly, why did the Tardis explode? And what’s […]

Doctor Who’s theme tunes: a complete history

The controversial new Doctor Who theme music has divided viewers. But how does it fit in the tradition of the programme’s themes? The Daily Telegraph’s resident Who buff Gavin Fuller – who in 1993 was Mastermind’s youngest ever champion with the programme as his special subject – guides us through the history of one of the […]

Ars Technica reviews the iPad

Reviewing is too polite of an word….  Ars Technica dissects the iPad, and covers the majority of the software, changes, improvements…  You name it, and it’s covered in this review… Heck, they even attempted to use it to write the review on…. If you have any questions, take a look at the Ars Technica review.

LampLinc Dimmer Dual Band (2457D2) Review

Folks, Have you actually seen the LampLinc Dual Band Dimmer (2457D2) yet? If not, take a look at it… As with the rest of the Dual Band products, its fast, it’s compact, but more importantly, the SmartHome web site’s images make it look huge! And you know what, it’s not their fault. It’s significantly smaller […]