Analysis: World of Goo’s iPad Launch

world of goo logoHere’s a behind the scenes Analysis of the “World of Goo”‘s iPad launch… for the creators of “World of Goo”.

By the way, it’s a tough game, but a good game, never the less… It’s challenging, inventive, and cross platform!

Remember, support the cross platform developers… Learn from the escapee of OS/2, and Desqview. We want Native applications, and to keep those coming, we need to reward the native platform publishers…

We attempted, and failed, to bring World of Goo to iPhone in the summer of 2009. Development was sporadic and slow as we worked with a series of four different contractors who, for various reasons, did not bring the project to completion. So we dropped it.

When the iPad came out, we thought we’d try again, this time with a fresh round of confidence that the bigger, more powerful device would be able to support a console quality port of World of Goo. We started working with Ron’s brother, Gil Carmel, in November 2010, who finally got this project done. There is nothing all that remarkable to tell about the development of World of Goo for iPad, but this being our first App Store title, the month leading up to launch and the month that followed were very interesting times, as we gathered information and lessons about the App Store market that we hope will be of use to other developers.

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