Add more to your Dropbox…

If you’ve been using Dropbox since the wee early days, you might not have noticed the “Getting Started” tab in the web version. Click it, though, and you’ll likely get another 250 MB of Dropbox space for “steps” you’ve already completed. And if you send any referrals out, and they are completed, both you and […]

Gratuitous Space Battles | Red Marble Games

Holy Cow…  Gratuitous Space Battles is now available from Red Marble Games, for the Macintosh…. I’ve played, and purchased the PC version, including DLC…  So hopefully the DLC will soon show up on the Mac Side…. The only drawback seems to be at this point, that it’s not available via Steam/SteamWorks…  (The Red Marble site, […]

Anatomy of a Wikipedia HOAX….

A couple months ago, I introduced you to the Wikipedia article (now yanked) on Orange Julius namesake Julius Freed, which is full of all kinds of crazy trivia, like the fact that he invented a shower stall for pigeons. I was mostly interested in the article because (a) it had sat unchanged on Wikipedia for five years, and […]

Attack of the Robot Wil Wheaton’s

Amy Okuda (“The Guild”) flies to Saturn to observe a new giant ring around the planet: the largest ring ever discovered in our Solar System, but one that was only recently revealed through infrared observations by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope in 2009. While there, she and Irwin — voiced by Wil Wheaton (“Star Trek: the […]

Wallace & Gromit rouse Atlantis crew

The Atlantis astronauts were this morning treated to the theme tune of Wallace & Gromit as their wake-up call, played for Steve Bowen. He said: “Thank you to my family, Debbie and the boys’s another great day in space.” via Wallace & Gromit rouse Atlantis crew • The Register.

13 Things that Saved Apollo 13

The Apollo 13 voyage to the Moon and back is probably the most hazardous trip ever…  Through a sheer boat load of technical excellence, and kitbashing, as well as sheer timing and luck, everyone survived…  But here’s a article that discusses the 13 things that contributed to that successful voyage home. On the night of […]

Space Paranoids

Space Paranoids is the game Kevin Flynn made in the movie Tron. And for quite some time now, the viral marketing has been teasing the game out here and there. Up to now, it’s only been playable at the Flynn’s Arcade event held at San Diego Comic-Con last year. But yesterday, the good people at the […]