Note to Self: Don’t Pack Tech When Flying

This is just another reason to not fly, if possible. Or to keep your valuables, and expensive items, on your person (or in Carry on luggage).

But it’s also another example of “we don’t take responsibility” for anything from companies.

How many times do you see a sign saying:

“Not responsible for lost items”

In many cases, especially when there is a staff member, in charge of the area, the company there is liability. The sign is there to point to, and try to convince people that they are not…. But legally there is some degree of liability.. The classic example is a coat check area.

If you hang it up, and no one is monitoring, you are probable responsible. If there is a staff member that is there hanging up the coats, then the company is liable.

See Note to Self: Don’t Pack Tech When Flying | Technologizer for an article on airplane restrictions…

“In the story, reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer, a US Airways spokeswoman said the airline isn’t responsible because ‘publicly available baggage policies specifically exclude liability for electronics checked in luggage.’
Is this common knowledge? I know most people understand that fragile items may not survive the rigors of baggage handling — we’ve all seen luggage carelessly tossed about the tarmac — but the idea that airlines take no responsibility whatsoever, even if the item magically disappears from a suitcase, seems pretty wild to me.”