PhonePower — A user review

About a year or so ago, we switched from Time Warner Cable’s Digital Phone package, to PhonePower…

And we haven’t looked back since, overall, the features, are much better than Time Warner’s offerings:

  • VoiceMail, both accessible through the phone, and via the web…  Plus email notification when someone leaves a message…
  • Phone Logs, available through the web, with an easy “Click2Call back” option, and Call Blocking
  • Easily configurable Speed Dial settings
  • Phone Forwarding, which allows you to redirect your phone calls to a different number (eg. When your out of the house, send the calls to the cell phone automatically).
  • Virtual Phone numbers are available along with Toll free numbers.

PhonePower offers two different Codec’s for the Voice over IP transmission, one requires roughly 16K, the other 128K, so easily achievable for any high-speed connection.  We are using the 128K codec, simply because the 16K seems to sound tinny to us…

There are many more features… Including:

  • Find Me, Follow Me
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Adjustable Ring Length
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Number for Life
  • Out of Area Number
  • Click2Call
  • Remote Click2Call
  • My Account Portal
  • Anonymous Caller Rejection
  • Direct International Dialing
  • Caller ID with Name Support
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller Waiting ID
  • 3-Way Conference Calling
  • Call Forwarding
  • Contact List & Block List
  • Call Hold & Music On Hold
  • Call Log Viewer
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Voicemail & Voicemail Viewer
  • Speed Dial List
  • E911 Service
  • Fax-Enabled Voicemail
  • 7 Digit Dialing
  • 811 Service
  • Operator Dialing & 411 Service
  • 311 Service & 611 Service
  • Outbound Caller ID

The Residential plans start at $14.95 (24 month contract)  and depending on your payment plans, rise up to $19.95 (month-to-month).  Over all, very affordable…

If your interested, check Phone Power out….  And feel free to use my account as a referral.  My Phonepower Account name is bschollnick.  If you decide to sign up, enter my Account name (bschollnick) as the referral username, and you will save $10.

Check out Phone Power.